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Boards. PlayStation 3. Is the Super Slim PS3 Backwards compatible?that disappointing i read some article saying that phat ps3 owner can now trade in there system for the super slim model and the only way ill trade in my phat ps3 is if it played ps2 games Does the PS3 super slim over heat?I traded it in for a slim and have had that ever since. long story short, it wasnt worth the backwards compatibility. So it turns out the PS4 is not backwards compatible after allThat is disappointing! So that means I would need to have a PS2, a PS3 and a PS4 hooked upI mean, Sony made the PS3 super slim and now I am sure that the PS3 parts are much cheaper now. How do I play PS2 games on my PS3 Super Slim?Related Questions. What is the backwards compatibility of the PS3? Which PS3s are backwards compatible with PS2 and PS1 games? PS3 slim doesnt have PS2 backwards compatibility?PS3 backward compatible systems PlayStation Forums. Having a 60GB fully backwards compatible PS3, the convenience is nice. After the fully backwards compatible PS3 there was a software emulation version PS3 which saved the cost of the extra hardware but not everything worked.Im pretty sure its cheaper to get a PS3 slim and PS2 slim than it is to track down a 5 year old PS3. Lockon Stratos: All PS3 model whether fat with flipping panel, no panel, 4 usb, 2 usb, slim, super slim can play ps1 games, so Ive read, but only certain early fat can play ps2 games, they gotMan you have a bunch of ps2 games! Andrew Dupuis: I still have backwards compatible ps3. I bought it used. The PS3 hasnt been backwards compatible with PS2 for years now only the very first few models were.My wife has a newer, slim model that runs much faster, and makes almost no noise while running. However, it is not backwards compatible. Q. I noticed PS 2 systems are no longer for sale in the large chain stores, does anybody know if Sony is planning to add PS 2 compatibility in future versions of PS 3 slim? A. no but SONY has recently said that if you have a thin onebackwards compatibility ps1 - ps3 slim backwards compatibility hack - ps3 slim backwardshairs up front. You can continue doing this backwards. For an uneven finish could move her hair in crisscrossvisitors tags: ps3 slim backwards compatibility update | ps3 super slim backwards Explore top 20 Ps3 Slim Backwards Compatibility Update pictures from the Internet.

Sony Unveils Super SlimOsh Ps3 Slim Backwards Compatibility Update Super Slim Console (PS3) by Sony Computer Entertainment UK PlayStation 3 Find great deals on eBay for PS3 Console Backwards Compatible in Video Game Sony PS3 Slim 120 GB Black Console NTSC ( CECH 2001A theres over 950 Xbox original games and even then alot of the ones listed as " compatible" barely work or half the game is super glitchyI find it rather amusing that you didnt know that any of the slim models are " not" backwards compatible. Results 11 - 24 of 30 Rumor: PS3 Slim Getting Backwards Compatible through Download.1 Dec 2014 I have 4 PS3 Systems for sale. I have a Super-slim in original box (CECH-4001A) for 140 (pics 1,2 and 3) I also have an 80g Original Model 3 Apr 2011 The PS3 slim is not backwards compatible Also, PS3 Super Slim is now working for this Jailbreak with OFW version. Make Sure, Please Use USB FAT-32 Format in order to jailbreak PS3 Slim or PS3 Super Slim.PS3 Fat model compatible Not possible. the super slim is only compatible with PS1 game discs, but it will play any PS2 games downloaded from the PSN. as stated on the PlayStation website: "If a PlayStation 3 is not backward compatible, you will not be able to add this function through any hardware (i.

e Sonys John Koller has outright stated that PS2 backwards compatability is not a part of the new redesigned PS3 Slim and never will be a part of the future of the PS3.My PS3 isnt backwards compatible and I think its ridiculous.Because I want one that is backwards compatible. The 40GB, 80GB re-release, 160GB, the slim, and the super slim version of the PS3 are not officially backwards compatible with PS2 games because, for undisclosed reasons, all hardware chips from the former console are omitted and there is no software emulation. Slim Ps3 Backwards Compatible With Ps1.Proof Ps3 Super Slim Isnt Backwards Compatible. Crash Twinsanity Console Comparison Ps3 Bc And Ps2. The original PS3 design is often referred to as the "fat" PS3. Only some fat PS3s are backwards compatible, but not all of them are. The "slim" and " super slim" models are not backwards compatible. The ones with 4 USB ports on the front are. PS3 Console Slim.PS3 console backwards compatible with PS2 and PS1 games. Comes with controller, HDMI cord, and power cord. Any questions send me a message. Suchergebnisse fr playstation 3 slim backwards compatible. hnliche Suchen.For PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is the Super Slim PS3 Backwards compatible?". PS4 Update : PS1 PS2 Backwards Compatibility - Продолжительность: 6:41 TGN 413 055 просмотров.Playstation 3 Slim Model, is it Backwards Compatible??Crash Twinsanity : PS3 (60GB) VS Xbox 360 (250GB Super Elite) Backwards Compatibility Comparison Home Forums GBAtemp News Featured Content User Submitted News. No backwards Compatibility on the PS3 Slim? Discussion in User Submitted News started by Cermage, Aug 21, 2009. ps3 played all ps1 and ps2 games but when the slim and the super slim came out the took out the ps2 backwards compatibility. I have a separate PS2 for that, but I guess you lack space? I might also consider on the super slim, but it looks terrible. ps3 backwards-compatibility ps2 ps1. share|improve this question.Related. 3. Are there any PS3 Backwards Compatible Fighting Sticks?New HDD for my PS3 Super Slim 12 GB. 3. Are these symptoms of a bad PS1 memory card or a bad PS2? Backwards Compatible Ps3, Xbox One, Ps4, Ps2, Cecha01 Ps3Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 CECHE01 OFW firmware 3.55 SACD and backwards compatibleBackwards Compatible PS3 Lot with original box and PS3 Slim with Origina I am selling my PlayStation 3 originally 20 gig upgraded to a 250 gig backwards compatible launch addition that I bought brand new in 2006.I am also including a PS3 super slim PlayStation CECH4201a that was in my spare room with all 56 of my games. PS2 Backwards Compatibility With The Super Slim 500GB Model PS3s Is the newest super slim PS3 backwards compatible with PS2 games? There is ZERO software emulation for the PS2 on PS3. These are also bigger than the PS3 Slim. Playstation 3 slim are backwards compatible. - YouTube.Nope. Hes pulling your leg. Sorry, but 500gb PS3s are the newer Super Slim models and they. Somewhere between the time Sony removed backwards compatibility from the previous PS3, and we knew thered be a new PS3, people got to hoping that the feature would be brought back in the PS3 Slim. According to Sony, the reason the PS3 Slim wont play PS2 games is that its just not a big priority for PS3 owners.Rolling out a backwards-compatible PS3 would step on those sales considerably. Even PS2 titles because it had the Emotion Chip in it! Recently i even restarted playing FF9 on it and when i tried to continue my game on the slim i came to the conclusion backwards compatibility was cut in half on the PS3-slim. This new version is basically the same as the original PS3 that debuted in 2006 and is almost technologically identical to the Slim that hit stores in 2009, though it is not backwards compatible for PlayStation 2 titles. Sony will offer three models of the Super Slim: the 250GB (of internal storage) is ps2 slim backwards compatible. ps1 games compatible with ps3.Ps3 Fat Power Supply Schematic Play Station 3 (PS3) (fat/slim/super slim) Backwards compatible PS3 motherboard for parts or repair COK-002. PS3 Slim PS2 Backwards Compatibility??? - Продолжительность: 2:44 Jay De Guzman 111 811 просмотров.Review - Playstation 3 (PS3) 60 GB Backwards Compatible - Продолжительность: 9:55 thedreadedzero 65 674 просмотра. I know that the feature has been removed from the console itself entirely but would it be possible for Sony to release a firmware update to allow PS2 games to run on the new Slim PS3?Hard core Rikki Super Moderator Staff Member Award Winner!super slim backwards compatible backwards compatible ps3 slim 160gb slim ps3 backwards compatible ps3 slim backwards compatibility ps3 slimGallery images and information: The Ps3 Slim Backwards Compatible. pic source PlayStation General 1024 x 685 jpeg 138kB. If you read the instruction manual for the final model of PS3 "the Super Slim 500GB model".

Is there an app that can allow you to save PS2 games on backwards compatible models? Also why the fronk did Sony bring back limited backwards compatibility with PS2 titles in their final PS3 model? Ps4 Backwards Compatibility Can I Play Classic Games On. Ps3 Super Slim Review.Rumor Sony Cloud Deal Will Make Ps3 Backwards Compatible Stream. Ps3 Slim Backwards Compatibility. Id recommend getting the regular Slim over the fat.if you remember they took away ps2 emulation on the slim ps3, 29 Jul 2013 Great advice on how to preserve the old backwards compatible 60 gb PS3. nice article man!and nice guide! can ps3 super slim ps3 super slim backwards compatibility. 2nd. ps3 slim ps2 backwards compatibility. 3rd. 3 suggestions found. Not bad. First few are most popular. Ps3 backwards compatible. Refurb4less replaced the controller no problem. 2. Everything works great and DJ hero 2 renegade edition with table.the stores 2day for 4 bucks, The "slim" and "super slim" models are not backwards compatible. If its a PS3 Slim, it isnt PS2 backwards compatible, though you can still enjoy PS3 and PSone games on it. Look to see if the PS3 is a 20GB PlayStation 3. These were available at launch only. how to make ps3 slim backwards compatible. 30 December, 2017 by admin. 3 Ways to Play PS2 Games on a PS3 wikiHow Alright soHow do I make my PS3 backward compatible? | "Super Slim" models. As of December 2013[update], the total number of consoles sold is estimated at 77 million.[2].models support software emulation of the original PlayStation,[9][10] but support for PlayStation 2 backward compatibility diminished with later compatible models and the last model to В новой PS3 SS 500GB больше нет этого дискомфорта (если его кто то и испытытвал, поскольку одной из шумных консолей на сегодня являетсяПриобрел 2 дня назад Super Slim 500ГБ. До этого были 2шт. периодичностью 2 года SLIM. Play PS2/PS1 games on backwards compatible consoles Solderless installation on all FAT consoles and 20xx/21xx SLIM consoles 19 Aug 2009 It was a forlorn hope, really, but some were clinging on to the idea that Sony might be able to reinstate PS2 backwards compatibility in the new. Backwards compatible PS3 were last made with the August 2007 80 GB PS3 with 4 USB ports and a flash card reader and were not available for any PS3 when new 80 GB models started production in August 2008.Is the 120gb ps3 slim backwards compatible? Most of us has already figured the PS3 Slim will not be backwards compatible with the PS2 but there were many who still had their hopes up from the fact that it has been removed from later models of the Playstation 3.


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