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Highway in the USA. Before you read. 1. What does the term globalization mean?Read the phrases paying attention to the intonation of parenthetical. sentences. 1. To some extent, the term means whatever people want it to mean. 6. . Shes very good. I know my doctor for ten years.5 Who sometimes enjoys reading his / her horoscope? c 1.22 Listen and complete the phrases with one word. What do you think they mean? 4. I (have) the same car for more than ten years.

Im thinking about buying a new one. 5. A: What do you call people in charge of or assisting in a library?Task 4. Find a word or phrase in the text that has a similar meaning. Sweety10 What does this phrase mean: What the catch. Please help me with some exmaples. Thanks a lot in advance.What is it that you are not telling me about this wonderful thing? For example: Borrow 10,000 and make payments of only 50 a month! 3 (permalink) Sun Jul 13, 2008 8:10 am What does this phrasal mean: " start off"?Well, for starters, you should read this: Start or begin? Best regards, Torsten. TOEIC short conversations: Helping a colleague. 5 What do you mean, Maybe yes? Sometimes I wish you were more .10. Read the letter. v Complete the application using suitable words and phrases from the box.3. Of course, the quality of the work you do after youve been at it for ten hours is not good. In Reply to: Starter for ten posted by Dale on May 14, 2005.

: Im wondering where the expression " starter for ten" came from, and what exactly does it mean?The starter question is worth 10 points - hence the phrase, and the other three questions 5 points each. TEN DAYS AGO, on the way to a meeting, I remembered that I was running low on face cream. There was a chemists across the road so I ran in and grabbed the first cream I saw.What does each phrase mean? d) Check in V1.2 p117. a. Match the gestures (1-6) to the phrases (a-f). Do they mean the same in your country? 1a. 2.STRATEGY POINT Read through the ten items before you listen and try. to guess what kind of information is missing. Bear in mind that the information you need to fill in. Therefore your starter for ten is "Name the worlds funniest transvestite?"Ive always wondered why it was done with tens and fives instead of twos and ones. Maybe they thought that it would make them look cleverer getting more points. Metaphors. A metaphor is a word or phrase that means one thing and is used to refer to another thing in order to emphasize their similar qualities.100. What does the expression persona non grata mean? 1. Compound nouns and phrases with time. What do the following mean?This group would like Head Office to do the buying of merchandise for all ten stores. Stocks should be held in large regional distribution centres, and supplied to the individual stores when needed. Another difference is that the discussion word cards are now numbered, which will perhaps make it easier to refer to particular cards in class, for example, students can ask, What does number ten mean? instead of just pointing at the card, or saying, That one. What does this statement about algorithms mean? -1. What is this DFA means? 2. What does the fancy R symbol mean as written here? 1. What does this mean In the RAM model of computation, instructions are executed one after another with no concurrent operations. 0. What does a term "a good starter for 10" mean and where does it come from?The phrase heres your starter for 10 sounds to me like it could only have originated with the first BBC host, Bamber Gascoigne. So you ask, what did you mean?So youre probably thinking so why do you wish you never believed a job was the best way to earn money? Because If I knew ten or twenty years ago what I know now, I would have created far more value for myself and everybody else. 2 Answer the questions. What does the Internet mean to you?Vocabulary and grammar. 10 Find words or phrases in the text which mean the following and use them in your own sentences. A metaphor is a word or phrase that means one thing and is used to refer to another thing in order to emphasize their similar qualities.UNHCR visa voyage work permit. 1. What does the expression persona non grata mean? v The phrases with must express the speakers certainty and that he feels that these are the most logical inferences to make from the facts.Thus: My watch had stopped but as I had covered ten miles I must have been walking for nearly three hours.What does it mean in this context? Idioms. What does this mean to you? 5 By using the phrase a girls jaunt, the big dealers showed that they felt. A unimpressed by the writers driving skills. B a lack of respect for this particular event. Digging did actually start at the end of the 19th century, but the work was soon.1A819 In paragraph five, the narrator uses the phrase put out feelers to mean 1 meet as many people as possible.He hadnt meant to stay for so long. His intention had been to work as hard as he could for ten years The idea of a starter pack or starter kit is that you only need some basic equipment/tools/materials to get " started" on something. In the context of programming? A starter pack for programming is known as an SDK (Software Development Kit). 1. Do you use Filler Respect-Robbing Poison Phrases that add no meaning, such as.When I tell you, Dont be mean when you say it, what kinds of meanness do you need to watch out for? Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. What does the phrase "I dont know about you but," mean?What is the meaning of the phrase "start out local"? Have you ever wondered what exactly (1) you will be doing (you do) in ten years time?2. Complete each sentence with a suitable word or phrase from the box. according to because of instead of apart from by means of in favour of on behalf of as for in case of regardless of. Choose the sentence or phrase (A, B or C) that would be most appropriate in each situation. 1. You are writing a letter to the headteacher of a school or college, but youAsking somebody for their opinion Example: What do you think about? Saying something in another way Example: What I mean is. The meaning of the phrasal verb is given in brackets at the end of each sentence.We, as humans, have inherited the earth, but that doesnt mean we can do whatever we like with it. For reference, see the Easier English Dictionary for Students (978 0 7475 6624 3). 6 do you often to the cinema?(go). 7 what this word mean?(does). 8 what time did arrive?(your friends).4 this time start does what class? 5 last go where you summer did? 6 languages how you many do speak? 7 see you are going to evening her this? (paragraph 7). Find the words or phrases in the article that mean the same as the underlined words.The office is open from ten to four. Call me back then. This machine does not take messages.Identify all the phrasal verbs in the article on page 42. For each one, decide if the meaning is other word is used that has a similar meaning? 2. The phrase to push something on someone is used in text.What does this mean? a) they will take information about the companys products to a new company b) they will get a good job in a new company because of the reputation of their old It means "ten years older" (or younger). Senior means older, and junior means younger. That is why a father and son with the same name (e.g.: John Smith) are sometimes referred to as John Smith (Sr) and John Smith (Jr), respectively.What does the phrase "20 years her Senior" mean? 2 what a person looking for work does. 3.3 Replace the underlined phrases with correct forms of words and expressions.self-starters, proactive, self-motivated, or self-driven: good at working on their own. methodical, systematicThe growth rate in Paradiso was around four per cent a year for ten years. What does the book consist of?Here the phrase of time shows whether we mean the present or the future. But sometimes there is no phrase of time, as when Nick says The Tigers are playing the Kings. A: Ben, could you please make the font bigger? Its hard for me to read the words. B: Sure! Ill change it from size 10 to 16. Hows this? A: Thank you.When you hear or see a new word, use this phrase to ask what it means. A: What does font mean? You must have fingers! 20. I hadnt heard from Jo for almost ten years, so when a letter from her came out of the , I was.Exercise 1: Each of the sentences in the following sentence pairs can be completed with the same phrasal verb using do. The meaning of the phrasal verb in its context is 1. What does the term "stereotype" mean? 2. Can you tell about stereotypes contributed to any nation and well-known all over the world?6. What does Tom mean by the phrase "on the up" in line 56? What difference do these phrases make to the meaning of the sentence?be do drive find implant get introduce leave live. I wonder what (1) (the world) like in ten yearstime. What does the phrase allotted time mean? 6/10.

Test yourself. Do you know how to act appropriately and use the right phrases and vocabulary in a management meeting? C So how do you know Jason? (the host) Have you tried this chicken? Its delicious! c Respond to each conversation starter in the table in.phrase which means the same as the words or phrases in brackets. Question 10: Which preposition 1s used after the phrase to get close? Question 12: Which preposition will creat e a phrasal verb meaning to understand?What does she mean by this? Question 28: Be careful: all t hree sports are ment ioned . Boards > Archive Boards > Military Board > what does ten hut actually mean >.This brings about many "funny words" Usually the person giving the command says the last syllable louder than the rest of the phrase too. licence for ten y e a n . This means brands will continue to be seen, that almost half of Bnrberrys. particulary in Asia, as European.48. 1 The article talks about people who are high performers. What does this phrase mean? What sort of people are they? 9. What does Mr Brooks promise? 10. What does it mean?8. The is all the goods a retail outlet keeps to sell to its customers. 3. Find the phrases tube of toothpaste and tin of tomatoes in the. text. What do the underlined. prexes mean?Present simple and present continuous. 6a Look at the highlighted phrases in the article and.10 We. ten people for the job. (interview). 8 Work with a partner and ask each other these questions. 8 2 VOCABULARY personality 4 SPEAKING a Without looking at the text, how many of the ten highlighted adjectives / phrases can you remember?What does the mean? 2 What do you think babbling means? a Read and listen to an American short 3 What happened when Peter hugged I looked up the word in Wikipedia but Im still not sure what it means in this context. A starter pack is, as its name suggests, a pack of supplies intended to help a " starter" - someone new to this kind of work - get05/08 21:08 MySQL WEEK() function: Does the mode affect average weekly data accuracy? 8 I a starter because Im not. hungry. (not have). 9 We. often. steak. (not buy). 10 My boyfriends on a diet so he. on fried food. (cut down). 5.c Look at the highlighted words and phrases. What do you think they mean? 2 The Palace restaurant is famous for its friendly and efficient a) starter b) prices c)Marketers often use the phrase value proposition to mean the key benefits of the product. Image and reputation. What does the brand represent? How is the company seen by the outside world? 2. What does the phrase youth problems mean?Even when we do start to learn a foreign language there is only 3yrs of mandatory learning, which takes place for two or three lessons per week. Situation 1 A customer waits in a queue for ten minutes. A B C D.8. Checklist for Unit 1: 1 What does customer loyalty mean?b) Say what the main idea of the last part is. c) How do you understand the phrase social stigma?


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