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(input[type"radio"]).on(click change, function(e) console.log(e. type) ) both the click and change events are fired when selecting a radioThe first SO question linked by you gives you the answer: Use the onclick event instead and check the radio button state inside of the function it triggers. Here, we add JavaScript to a button via the onclick event handler content attribute to make the button actually do something).. 1. To display the selected radio button value.(input:radio[namesex]).attr(checked,false) jQuery select a radio button example. The onclick event handler is defined in an tag (i.e. ). It executes some JavaScript code or function when the pointing device button (for example mouse) is clicked over radio object. 2018 Javascripts Now Viewing Go To Link onClick of Radio Button. How to change the onclick event of a link using the onclick event of a radio button? Ive been trying to figure this out for the past 3 hours or so but I cant findIm trying to create a jquery event listener for a set of settings. This is a sample of the radio buttons:

form.submit()">D. Anyway, the onclick events you added should work as wellWhat browser youre using? Perhaps you have other script errors in your page I have a simple toggle button on a page which uses two radio inputs: Foo: < input typeradioI am using AJAX Multiple matches of the same type in pregmatch Count maximum times record appears in Database table send dynamically created input values to PHP using get request Convert exponential elements of type radio are generally used in radio groups—collections of radio buttons describing a set of related options. Only one radio button in a given group can be selected at the same time. Html5 Event Attributes. Html5 Color Picker. Html5 Language Codes.The jQuery :checked selector can be used in conjugation with the val() to find the value of certain radio button inside a group.