uncaught typeerror cannot assign to readonly property \u0027parent\u0027 of toggle





I get this error in behaviour.js, line 128. Is this a known issue or did I much something up? if (tagName element.nodeName.toLowerCase() ! tagName) Recent Posts. Cannot put more than one CSS3 animation on element.for ( var i 0 i < li.length i) li[i].addEventListener("click", function() li[i].classList. toggle("done") ) When I click on an item in the list, it gives me this error in the console Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property This sometimes happens on youtube when quickly hovering over buttons that have a custom tooltip like this https://i.imgur.com/n5s63I7.png I suspect if youre creating components that export.default, the webpack should assign esmodule to true. Within the gem its only read to check so we know when to load the component or the default from a module here Toggle Menu.I am using the Jupiter theme and I am hosting with Siteground. Has anyone heard of this issue? Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property init of undefined at HTMLDocument. (core-scripts.6.1.

1.js:6016) at i (jquery.js:2) at Object.add [as done] whenever i import the Nav file it gives me Uncaught TypeError im not sure what is wrong. can anyone help me please thanks here is the code to my root file.