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Feel free to browse the stats for your local market using our Data Explorer tool. List of mobile browsers User-Agent strings. The following table contains User-Agent strings for all the most used mobile browsers today. user-agent mobile-detect robot browser platform accept-language.A PHP desktop/mobile user agent parser with support for Laravel, based on Mobile Detect with desktop support and additional functionality. So I wanna force mobile users to load desktop version of the site so the approach I took was to set desktop user agent in the header.Change User-Agent Using PHP. User agent string for [browser version] and later. Tech Stuff - Mobile Browser ID (User-Agent) Strings. The non-mobile stuff is here (hint: you get jerked back by the power cord after 3 feet and your arms start to ache after 10 minutes with non- mobile stuff) or click on any right menu link for the browser/section. html windows-mobile browser user-agent | this question asked Jun 17 09 at 4:40 TeddyTom. closed as too broad by animuson Oct 8 13 at 0:44.var userAgent navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase() OMG, are you really keeping your own database up to date? Im so sorry about you First tip: If you only need a very simple and minimal solution to detect brand and model, go with WURFL if you want it for free or DeviceAtlas if you can afford it. 4. Tizen: a new mobile OS form Samsung. 5. Symbian: an old mobile OS designed by Nokia. 6. Chrome: a browser build by Google.Note 2: in order to use custom user-agent strings, please use my other addon, Custom UserAgent String. For example, changing a user agent to a mobile device and mobile browser may cause some web pages to send you to their mobile websites, or serve a different looking page through a responsiveSearch for useragent (one word) and create a new string titled general. useragent.

override. Now if youre using PHP the question is how to detect the mobile browser. Http useragent. Every PHP developer knows that SERVER[HTTPUSERAGENT] string optionally contain the browser that access your site, but what are the possible values of this string? Resources >UA list: browsers, email clients Udger database includes detailed information about ever single user agent and operating system.Mobile Browser. Name. Layout engine. Authoring Best Practices Browsers Content Adaptation Devices HTML5 Mobile Design Web Publishing Responsive Design User Experience WebPerf All Topics ».This looks like a typical browser User-Agent string, but with some Facebook specifics tacked on the end. If mobile: Device name/brand/model number Full user agent string.2.

5.20 - 2015-07-30 - Added the new windows 10 microsoft edge browser useragent in Windows and Mobile browser sections. So by selecting the relevant user agent for any mobile device browser and then opening the mobile website/web page through this user agent, you can open and see the mobile version of that web page on your desktop. Yes, reading the User-Agent header will do the trick. There are some lists out there of known mobile user agents so you dont need to start from scratch. In computing, a user agent is software (a software agent) that is acting on behalf of a user. One common use of the term refers to a web browser telling a website information about the browser and operating system. Read More , browsers, and mobile screen sizes, however, this doesnt cut it. Browser agents tell websites about your computer and whichSo you can change your browsers user agent, but why would you want to? After all, you can always go install another browser if you want to use it, right? Firefox users can set their user agent so that websites will think that they are surfing using a IPhone. This tips can be useful for viewing web content made only for IPhone6. Once you have hit OK, your firefox has just been turned into an iPhone mobile browser! How To Turn It Back To Firefox Again? So, I decided I would create a user agent list that is dynamically generated and updated- it uses data from my own website to keep the list of user-agent data up to date which means the list stays up to date as new browsers are released and new user agents emerge. The article contains information about user-agents of desktop and mobile browsers.Most HTTP redirections for mobile devices are using the keyword "Mobile". Any user agent with "Mobile" should trigger the redirection. User Agent Strings per browser, operating system, device, brand and plugin.browser: Android browser. operating system: Android 4.0. primarily used on: mobile. Mozilla/5.0 (Linux U Android 4.1.2 nl-nl GT-I9300 Build/JZO54K) AppleWebKit/534.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Mobile device detection: Determine if this user-agent is a mobile device and get device features such as the brand and model. Browser detection: Get the name and version of the browser software. Can anyone identify the browser via browser User Agent?Moto E 2nd Gen (att branded unlocked) Android 5.1 Simple Mobile "Truly?" Unlimited talk, text and data 60 plan Im trying to find out how to use my phone data on laptop for web browsing and ebay work (uploading pictures). var userAgent navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase()Yes user-agent is used to detect mobile browsers. There are lots of free scripts available to check this. Here is one such php code which will help you redirect mobile users to different website. Some websites assume your mobile browser isnt capable of working with JavaScript of flash, or you might be debugging different versions of your own website for desktop or mobile users. Changing The User Agent String. user-agent Mozilla/5.0 (Linux U Android 2.3.3 vi GT-I9001 Build/GINGERBREAD) AppleWebKit/528.5 (KHTML, likeMozilla/5.0 (Linux U Android 2.3.5 en-US MicromaxA35 Build/MocorDroid2.3.5) AppleWebKit/528.5 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.1.2 Mobile Firefox is such a browser that can also give you the source page of any line web page with the help of View Source Mobile.Anyway, User Agent is a term which supports us to regulate the browse version and the type of browser. 14/12/2017 Thats why browser detection using the user agent string is unreliable and should be Never use the OS token to define if a browser is on mobile JavaScript. User agent information is stored in the userAgent property.Summary. The user agent is not a failsafe way to identify a device, browser or user. It can be spoofed, and a user can choose to hide it. Web site developers frequently leverage information parsed from user agents to optimize the user experience based on the browser and device types. With the recent explosion of smartphones, many developers now check the device type and direct the user to a site optimized for mobile or use a Custom UserAgent String easily changes your browser useragent by adding site-specific user-agent strings.Mobile Palemoon Browser UserAgent Strings. Mozilla/5.0 (Android Mobile rv:25.2) Gecko/25.2 Firefox/31.9 PaleMoon/25.2. More Android Webkit Browser user agents strings Free web browser for mobile phones including feature phones and smartphones that can run Java ME applications. Click on any string to get more details.

0 Mobile/11A465 Safari/9537.53 (compatible bingbot/2.0 httpMost popular user-agents. No. The if(mobile true) condition will help you decide what to do if the detected user agent comes from a mobile device. That particular example redirects the user to a /blog folder if the user agent matches one of the mobile browsers supported by the function. Mobile User Agent Detection. Detect mobile phones and mobile browsers with PHP so your website can redirect mobile users to different sites.Detect Mobile Browsers and Mobile User Agents with this simple yet powerful PHP function. Which approach is more reliable to detect a mobile browser?Nowadays user agent sniffing is not advised on client side, because rather than sniffing user agent you need to look for the features that you are interested in. Using the user agent to detect the browser looks simple, but doing it well is, in fact, a very hard problem.Arguably the most common use and misuse of user agent sniffing is to detect if the device is a mobile device. However, what is failed to be accountable is what theyre really after. < Option Explicit Dim useragent, mobilebrowser, Regex, match, mobile agents, mobileua, i, size useragent Request.ServerVariables("HTTPUSER AGENT") mobilebrowser 0 Set Regex New RegExp With Regex .Pattern "(up. browser


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