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How to fix xbox 360 no sound 2014!Xbox 360 HDMI problem. Self-evident video, this happened with the original RCA wiring so I went out and bought the HDMI. It plays sometimes but without sound. This is the back of the launch version of the Xbox 865. It comes with the least connectivity options, and you ll note that there are no HDMI ports( Just for a quick FYI, Mine is a 75 inch Dell wfp) 8. Stereo female RCA to male 8. 5mm Cable Which Is needed to get the sound from your computer speakers. Thanks for choosing the Xbox 360 HDMI AV Cable to connect your Xbox 360 console to high definition TVs that incorporate HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) technology. It will have to be your first option there. Run the HDMI from the xbox to the Projector, then the Audio from the Projector to the Speakers. HDMI runs sound And Video, so if you use HDMI from the xbox, you cant use the RW directly from there too. Good Luck!! Can I connect my Xbox 360 to my laptop via HDMI and play games? How can we connect a Moto M to a projector with HDMI support? Can I connect my PC to the HDMI arc port on my sound bar? How-to-connect-xbox-360-to-projector-no-hdmi-slot.Xbox 360 HDMI Cables 1.4 19 Pin 480p , 720p With Oxygen - Free Copper Wire Selling point: 1. 480i , 480p , 720p Gold Plated Interface of double color 2. Standard 1.4 HDMI specification 3. Good quality of network signal transmission 4. Interface. Xbox360 HDMI to Receivers HDMI 2 (In) Receiver HDMI (Out) to Projector HDMI (in).However there was no sound, and I figured there was another issue but after some research it appears for HDMI connections from an xbox classic to a receiver, you need an adapter. How to get my Xbox to play sound through HDMI like before. Sound with a/v cables is fine. Connect your Xbox 360 console to a sound system.


To get stereo sound when using your Xbox 360 E console, you need to connect your TV to your sound system. Heres how: Leave the HDMI cable connected to your TV for video. HDMI AV RCA Optical Cable Sound Audio Adapter for Xbox 360Infrared laser projector for Kinect - How to Fix No Sound using HDMI IN with Alienware xbox 360 hdmi receiver no sound - bellow.N K Chauhan, 66, could hear constant ringing sound in the ears. The first time I experienced thought the sound was coming from outside and asked my wife Собственно сабж. Есть старенький монитор с VGA разъёмом, изображение на него можно вывести прикупив пару переходников с HDMI на VGA. Но при этом он останется без звука, это как-то ваще не круто. GO into your xbox 360s main settings menu and adjust it to 2.0 audio and not 5.1 (default I believe).cables to projector it worked perfectly, took sound from optical port on ps4 and i was ready to go thatHdmi Male TO VGA Female RGB HDTV Cable Converter Adapter 1080P Black Xbox 360 AV Calibrate XBOX 360 HDMI settings Memphis PC Guy. Here are differences between two features built-in WiFi (no cables using Internet! ) while the is expensive.Basically, could laptop playstation 3 playstation blu-ray player provides hd output high-quality sound. < Просмотреть все Projector. Xbox 360 Projectors.Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable Cord3ft Hdmi Cable v 1.3 for Xbox360 Slim 1080P. 8.59. Купить сейчас. Бесплатная доставка. Xbox 360/Xbox One Ask a question Report Reply to this topic. hey guys so, I have an xbox 360 and I play it on my monitor with hdmi to dvi cable. the hdmi goes into the xbox and the dvi into my monitor but there is no sound, and I know that the dvi does not have sound :( . I saw a lot of solution like Vention HDMI to VGA Adapter Digital to Analog Audio Converter M/F Video Cable for Xbox 360 PS3 PS4 PC Laptop TV Box to Projector. Related Resources. Hdmi to dvi for xbox 360 no sound.HDMI SOUND Problem Conecting to TV. Sound over new 8800 GTS card via dvi- hdmi. Thirty5Tech Videos Presents This is how you hook up your xbox 360 to you home projector using a xbox 360 vga hd av cable. I have to use this cable because my projector does not have a hdmi slot and this was the easiest alternative i could find. Xbox 360 HDMI no sound. How to get my Xbox to play sound through HDMI like before. Sound with a/v cables is fine. More about : laptop screen hdmi cable xbox 360. firo40.SolvedIm using HDMI cables for Xbox, bluray and I get video but no sound keeps telling me something like your using dviSolvedLaptop to projector works fine using short HDMI cable but nothing on screen when using 20 meter cable solution. Xbox 360 can deliver it all in full digital surround sound.The Monster Xbox 360 HDMI cable will allow you to send the highest quality video out from you Xbox 360 to your video display. Nyheder. xbox 360 hdmi no sound. Ads.XBox 360 has no sound with HDMI cable. up vote 5 down vote favorite. I received an xbox for Christmas and Ive been trying to connect it. How To: Connect HDMI to VGA Adapter to your Xbox 360.NuEraVEVO : i wouldnt play like that lol. Holly-Louise: what model is your projector? Jonathan Sorto: resolution? evelyn cruz: Can it be the same for a PS3? Microsoft Xbox 360 Black HDMI Cable (Retail Packaging) Xbox 360.I like to enjoy delicious high definition sound and video when watching movies and playing games when using my Xbox. Basically, the HDMI handshake doesnt work correctly between some TVs and the Xbox. The TV tells the Xbox to only allow PC-like display options if its set to auto-detect the display settings. To fix this: Open the options on the Xbox Main Screen. Do check the settings on your Xbox. Green screen is indicative of YUV color space being output when typically it wants to send RGB. Check the settings to see if you can force the output to RGB. No audio does make it sound, no pun, like it could be a different problem. Currently the Xbox and PS3 are connected to my receiver via HDMI and then the receiver passes the video to the TV.So now I am in the agreement that there is no advantage to setting the xbox 360 to output expanded levels. Download HDMI To VGA Projector Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 With Full List Command And Cheat Files if Needed AND DOWNLOAD THISDownload Xbox One Best Sound Picture In Your Home Theater Quick Setup Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 With Full List Multi-selection interface:HDMI USB AV input SD. Can support DVD, Xbox, PS4, Mobile phone etc. Speakers built-in projector , no needDevice is broken? QThere is picture ,no sound? AThe decode system doesnt match On 07-Feb-18 at 10:35:42 GMT, seller added the following information I tried just adding the xbox 360 to an HDMI on the tv and then adding an optical cable from the xbox to the HTIB and then selecting D. IN on the HTIB but still have no sound.XBox 360 not communicating with projector through Pioneer VSX-820-K www.avsforum.

com I have searched this I have an xbox 360 and just got an HD projector. Problem is, the projector has no speakers and no audio connections. Is there any way to get sound with my games when using the projector?If no HDMI, than component optical to receiver then component to projector. The Audio Adapter allows you to plug the XBOX 360 into sound system via the audio port.Optical / RCA Audio adaptor included for non-HDMI supported stereo systemsHDMI port required on display devices(Tvs, Projectors, etc.) This is how you hook up your xbox 360 to you home projector using a xbox 360 vga hd av cable. I have to use this cable because my projector does not have a hdmi slot and this was the easiest alternative i could find. Xbox 360 250GB Game Consol HDMi And Turtle Beach Xb Xbox 360 HDMI Case EBay. HD 1080P Video Capture HDMUhAPPy U 2 LCD Projector 3 Hdmi Surround Sound System Playstation 3 Damaged Port Best Alternatives To Apple Im sure Im not the first to be disappointed by the placement of the output ports on his Xbox360, specifically how the old trapezoidal A/V cable plug blocks theObviously I didnt want to play without sound and my attempt to plug the HDMI cable and the A/V cable in simultaneously met with futility. The Xbox360 has had the actual resolutions listed since it came out if you had the VGA adapter.If the problem persists, then Im outta ideas. wrong. my xbox360 is hooked up with only an hdmi cable and sound works just fine. whee 1080p. XBOX 360 Hook Up Diagram XBOX 360 To Surround Sound Receiver | 600.How To Connect Xbox 360 To Projector(NO HDMI SLOT!) -HDMI cable for xbox360 suddenly stopped working in old TV after using it in the new tv - My room TV model is Panasonic Viera 32LE8M, and the living room tv is LG 42LK45, if it 360 My xbox 360 is connected to a pc monitor (no speakers) via hdmi to dvi cable. I bought a logic component av cable to plug into the xbox multiport to try and take the sound to some pc Im thinking about getting a 360. Have a DVI to HDMI converter cable to go into my 24" LCD monitor so no problem there. But what do I do about sound? How To Connect Xbox 360 to Projector(NO HDMI SLOT!)I SOLVED the sound issue with my alienware laptop using the hdmi in and an xbox 360. XBox 360 HDMI > TV HDMI Input 7. TV Optical Out > Receiver Optical In. 5.1 Speaker System > Receiver.However, once I switch to XBox 360 input I lose sound out of the surround system but I do hear sound from the TVs speakers. Xbox 360 HDMIAudio Output. September 16, 2007 Collin Allen.sounds like your xbox is faulty tlux. my original xbox av cable also rests on the hdmi but it doesnt cause any issues. there seems to be more metal casing on the original xbox av cable. i bought a patent xbox to VGA cable, and when Shop the How To Connect Xbox 360 to Projector(NO HDMI SLOT!) and more hot products from the top stores. How to connect your XBOX 360 Slim to a 1080p Projector and.james mack: dont work for me. Mike Rocuts: I bought the VGA to HDMI as well thanks for clearing up how it SHOULD be done. Why is the Xbox 360 Audio Adapter necessary? - Surround Sound headsets need it if your Xbox 360 does NOT have a S/PDIF (TOSlink/Digital Optical Output) jack on the back, andHeres the Xbox 360 Slim Composite A/V Cable blocking the rear panel HDMI port - 2010 to present (viewed from below) Note 2: The Xbox 360 console supports up to HDMI Spec 1.2. As the specs are backward compatible, there should be no interoperability issues when using AV equipment with different HDMI version numbers. Yesterday I connected my XBOX 360 to my TV which is one of the early LCD models which does not have a HDMI port. Instead I have a DVI and a VGA ports and for the sound it has a 3.5mm Audio In port which it fine.


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