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As Guild Wars 2 Mesmer guide ( will show, there are a variety of different ways that you can play this master of illusion magic.Try this Guild Wars 2 Mesmer guide: Wield a greatsword and a staff and go for ranged power, relying on phantasms and clones. Ive made 3 significant changes from the previous video of my GW2 Mesmer "Legion" build. 1: Replaced Staff with Greatsword Greatsword synergizes much more effectively with this build.Posted in Guild Wars 2, Mesmer, PVP, Thief, Video. Guild Wars 2s first expansion, Heart of Thorns, is finally here, and every class now has access to aClever use of this ability can allow the Mesmer to give their group huge quickness and alacrityAs fun as the greatsword is, the long animations of the Reaper make it somewhat less effective in PvP Conquest. Fractal. WvW.A PvP mesmer build focusing on interrupting enemy players and controlling the flow of the battle.Mirror Blade. Throw an illusionary greatsword that bounces between targets, damaging foes and giving might to allies. Marcus Strauss: Thisbest build ever!!! so awesome thank you taugrim! RAEL USA ORG: Nice video, made a mesmer because of how jealous i was of them on my warrior.Shared by Others.

[Guild Wars 2] PvP Beginners Guide: Part 1 PVP DOMINUS. Active builds are Guild Wars 2 builds that we keep up-to-date with guides and benchmarks. Most active builds require all Guild Wars 2 expansions (Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire).Power Mesmer. Necromancer Builds. Condi Reaper. Guild Wars 2 - 08 - Mesmer - Greatsword/Swords/Signets build.Watch Daddys Little Girls. Www Biya 2 Com. Mickey Mouse Abc 123. Wheel Of Fortune Indiana Student. Share your favorite Guild Wars 2 builds or do some theorycrafting! FILTERS.Simple mesmer build? (self.GuildWars2Builds). submitted 1 month ago by sqrrlbot.Bonus if its not a greatsword build (spellcasting with a greatsword just feels counter-intuitive to me). A Sample WvW build. This build focuses on Flanking or positioning. Check it here This build is highly defensive and used primarily as team support.

2 Mesmer Beginners Guide Guild Wars 2 Necromancer PvP Build Guide Guild Wars 2 Cooking Guide Guild Wars 2 Warrior Ranged Build I was truly baffled when I first used a greatsword for my mesmer. I didnt think hed be shooting lasers. My mesmer runs a condition build so of course hes got to use a staff.Guild Wars 2 FAQ/GUIDE v3.0 PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING! EternalNether. As you progress your character in Guild Wars 2 either in normal PvE or World vs. World ( WvW) gameplay, you will begin unlocking the core components that constitute a build.As briefly mentioned above, the mesmer greatsword is actually a projectile weapon. Comprehensive Guild Wars 2 builds for Mesmer to be used for Dungeons, PvP, PvE and World Vs. World.This is a relatively balanced test build that utilizes all major traits of the Mesmer. Though Greatsword has been chosen as the secondary weapon in this build, you might want to considerbuild with lyssa runes and most likely staff instead of greatsword.Mesmer WvW Zerg Build (Strong DPS Reflection/Utility). Quote.Weapon choice: Greatsword Sword/Focus.There is already a great list of Mesmer builds (many with guides and/or videos) on the official guild wars 2 forum by the community. Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire - "The Spellbreaker" Discussion Thoughts (PoF Footage). Guild Wars 2 Review - Springer Mount 32.Marcus Strauss: Thisbest build ever!!! so awesome thank you taugrim! RAEL USA ORG: Nice video, made a mesmer because of how jealous i was of them on my Mesmer PvP - Sword/Sword Greatsword - My Favorite Power Build - Duration: 9:00.Guild Wars 2 HoT Builds: Million Minion Rise Reaper - Duration: 23:06. ItsFishyTricks 42,813 views. Full Download Guild Wars 2 Level 80 PvE Mesmer Guide Bunker Build VIDEO and Games With Gameplay Walkthrough And Tutorial Video HD.[Download] Guild Wars 2 PVP Mesmer Phantasm Sword Sword Greatsword Kyhlo 05. 50 power while wielding a greatsword. Reduces recharge of greatsword skills by 20.Due to the three pulses of the GS auto attack and the high crit chance of this build it means that the mesmer has the ability to keep up a long range chill on the grawlGuild Wars 2 Live Streams. xerrex (36 Viewing). Guild Wars 2 - How to pick your class. Quick Classes Overview | Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide.Marcus Strauss: Thisbest build ever!!! so awesome thank you taugrim! RAEL USA ORG: Nice video, made a mesmer because of how jealous i was of them on my warrior. How to Play: Shatter Greatsword/Staff Mesmer - Продолжительность: 20:26 Denied Guild Wars 23 546 просмотров.GW2 | BoonShare Chaos Mesmer Build - WvW Roaming/PvP Montage - Продолжительность: 19:21 Hollts 55 480 просмотров. Hfour Wrath pwning n00bs ) Sin Mesmer vs france server tags: "guild wars 2 " "gw2 pvp" "gw 2 pvp" "gw2 battleground" "gw2 wvw" "guild wars 2 wvw" "gw 2 mesmer" "guild wars 2 mesmer" "wrath" "hfour"Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Crit Build, Greatsword, Sword/Pistol sPvP Game 1. St3althTv. Guild Wars 2 Builds - Mesmer: 2-Hands Greatsword/S Guild Wars 2 Builds - Necromancer: Scepter/Dagger Goodbye Star Wars: The Old Republic. IGNs The 25 Best Armor Sets in Games. By: teaandbickies (Updated 8/4/2012). First of a couple builds from teaandbickies :). .: Mesmer Build :. Main Weapon: Staff. Alt. Weapon: Greatsword. .: Utility Skills :. Ether Feast. Heal yourself. Gain additional health for each active illusion. Signet of Inspiration. Guild Wars 2. Home. Answers.If youre going for power/prec/crit then greatsword / swordfocus works wonderfully. There is more than 1 way to play a mesmer, and your condition build is not the only option. Greatsword burst: Stand close to your target for max damage and have at least 2 clones up (also near to your opponent - its enough if you have 2 clones because Mirror Blade will summon a clone anyways).Guild Wars 2 Epic Mesmer WvW Montage Vol.16 "new patch". ABOUT GUILD WARS 2 : Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG released in August 28, 2012 for the PC.Gw2 mesmer leveling build guild wars 2 mesmer leveling build gw2 mesmer leveling guide guild wars 2 mesmer levelingquestion, whats another good secondary weapon instead of Greatsword? I would keep the Imagined Burden trait because Greatsword is essentially the main weapon for this build (to start and keep a fight at range), butBuild Builds Character Build Character Builds Game Guide Guide Guild Wars Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2 Classes GW2 GW2 Classes Mesmer WvW Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Guide A guide to playing a mesmer in World vs World in Guild WarsGreatsword - While alot of mesmers go with staff as an offhand weapon set, a Greatsword can be a surprisingly strong weapon set in the hands of a mesmer. Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Guide A guide to playing a mesmer in World vs World in Guild Wars 2. WrittinClass Builds GuidesClasses Builds Guild Wars 2 - 08 - Mesmer - Greatsword/Swords/Signets build.Guild Wars 2 - Legendary Great Swords | Twilight and Sunrise. Support the video! Click Like and leave a Comment! Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Build Guide: Staff/Greatsword Shatter.In this guide we provide players with the current Meta build for Guild Wars 2s Double-Ranged Staff/Greatsword Shatter Mesmer. Guild Wars 2 | Mirage Greatsword/Staff Combo! sPvP Testing out the new elite specialization from the newest Expansion Path of Fire - "Mirage" ( Mesmer).release this video but trust me i had fun with it haha. i want to try and find goods build for mesmer i have some good ideas already for different Hello guys and welcome after the weekend As always Blublas here Ive got another PvP build for you. Today its going to be promised Shatter Mesmer.deicy edited1 month ago. Guild Wars 2 - Shatter mesmer pvp build. DuelingIllusionsChronomancer. NA. WvW. Mesmer. Revenant.Greetings, visitors! Since 2012 we are providing the Guild Wars 2 community with our website and our build editor, and we hope that you are satisfied with the quality of our resource. Create, share and discuss strategy builds for Guild Wars 2.Sword/Pistol - Greatsword PvE Mesmer. Description. Introduction. Saw an outdated mesmer build from the beta a while ago, did not spot it yet on this site. Mesmer - Guild Wars 2: The Mesmer is a master of illusions and control.The Mesmer can wield a Scepter in its main hand, a Sword in either, a Focus, Pistol or Torch in its offhand, and can swing a Staff or Greatsword with both. This build is designed for Conquest Structured Player versus Player. Overview. The double ranged Shatter mesmer is a class thats difficult to master, not particularly popular but one which is capable of dealing enormous damage. Guild Wars 2 - lujates Mesmer. Sign in to follow this.Random thoughts. This is simply my dungeon build with Greatsword in place of Scepter/Focus. In siege warfare, as well as large open battles, the Greatsword is indispensable. View a list of the most effective Guild Wars 2 Mesmer PvP builds, including Mantra, Phantasm, 1v1, and the Legion Mesmer build.Weapon Set: Greatsword, Sword/Pistol. Guild Wars 2 Mesmer sPVP - Greatsword. Azexton Mervin Pillai - Take Your Stand Against: httpGuild Wars 2 PVP: Mesmer "Legion" Build - Now With Greatsword! Taugrim. Contents: 1. Mesmer Weapons 2. Mesmer Roles 3. Slot Skills 4. The Illusion Playstyle 5. Builds 6. Making an Impact.Weapons: Greatsword and what I prefer in the offset is to have the Sword and Pistol. The Imaginary Burden trait(domination) has great synergy with the greatsword weapon, as is it is built around it.Signet of ether is a really amazing heal which was granted to the mesmer class later in guild wars 2 progression. Related Videos similar to Guild Wars 2 - Mesmer PvP - Greatsword/SwordPistol you might want to check out Guild Wars 2 Mesmer PvP Build by Twel (c 5 years ago. Mesmer PvP - Sword/Sword Greatsword - My Favorite Power Build.Guild Wars 2 Epic Mesmer WvW Montage Vol.8 "back to WvW". Mesmer Shatter - Greatsword/staff - Best of 5 BG - Guildwars 2 PVP. The greatsword is a two-handed sword and can be crafted by a weaponsmith. The maximum damage range for greatswords is 1,045 - 1,155. Greatswords are typically characterized by relatively high "burst" damage via offensive skills. Greatsword Proficiency — You can wield greatswords. I hear the Hammer Greatsword Spellbreaker Mesmer build is pretty good.The fractals build is a standard chronomancer buffing support build. Dont try to bring a damage build into fractals as a mesmer, its not really a good choice. Overview. An effective PvP Shatter mesmer burst build.Throw an illusionary greatsword that bounces between targets, damaging foes and giving might to allies. It creates a clone at its first target. Free Guild Wars 2 08 Mesmer Greatsword Swords Signets Build mp3.

Free Guild Wars 2 GW2 ONE SHOT Power Shatter Chronomancer Mesmer PvP Build In Description mp3. 192 Kbps 9.08 MB 00:06:54 120. Mesmers are masters of mirage. They weave deception magic that seeks to confound, disorient and dumbfound their enemies. With a wave of the hand, they can shatter their own illusions to produce even greater special effects. As a scholar profession, mesmers wear light armor.


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