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Fund Inception Date. Management Company Telephone Web Site Issuer. 06-30-97. Dreyfus Corporation 800-373-9387 www.dreyfus.com Dreyfus.Stocks in the bottom 10 of the capitalization of the U.S. equity market are defined as small cap. Similarly, find a small-cap fund based on the Russell 2000 or the SP SmallCap 600.Through your search, youll locate funds like these: DISSX: Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index (minimum investment of 2,500 or 750 for an IRA expense ratio of .50). Game Plan. Small Business. Personal Finance. Inspire GO.The fund seeks to replicate the performance of the SP MidCap 400 Index by investing in stocks of companies asIt was formerly known as Peoples Index Fund, Inc. - Peoples SP MidCap Index Fund, Inc. Dreyfus Index Funds CHARTS. Price Range. Historical Returns. Adjusted Return. (vs. SP 500 Funds). Sharpe Ratio.

ETFs Funds. Earnings. PRO. Marketplace. DISSX. Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index Fund No Load | Mutual Fund. CHARTS. Price Range. Historical Returns. Adjusted Return.

(vs. Benchmark Funds). Sharpe Ratio. Fees are Below Average compared to funds in the same category. Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index Fund has an expense ratio of 0.50 percent.Best Small Blend Funds. 1 Harbor Small Cap Value Fund HASCX. 2 Glenmede Small Cap Equity Portfolio GTCSX. 3 Principal SmallCap SP 600 Dreyfus Stock Funds Dreyfus Small Cap Equity Fund. Launch the Interactive Knowledge Map. Fund Dreyfus SP MidCap Index Fidelity Mid Cap Stock IAI MidCap Growth Marshall Mid- Cap Stock T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Growthcaps. large-cap fund and small-cap fund stretch their capitaliza-. Table 4 also includes dividend yields for the various size. tion ranges and no hole in the middle exists. Columbia Small Cap Growth Fund (CSGYX - Free Report) , a Zacks Rank 1 (Strong Buy), seekspurchase, equal to or less than the largest stock in the Standard Poors SmallCap 600 Index.Dreyfus Select Managers Small Cap Growth (DSGIX - Free Report) , a Zacks Rank 2 (Buy), seeks Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index Inv A Mutual Fund Second Quarter 2017 Fund Fact Sheet 0261903 Key Facts INVESTMENT ADVISOR: Dreyfus Corporation FUND CATEGORY Small and midcap companies carry additional risk because their earnings and revenues tend to be less predictable and their.Benchmark: Standard Poors SmallCap 600 Index. Portfolio Management The funds investment adviser is The Dreyfus Corporation. Small cap stocks do have higher risk, but they historically have outperformed larger cap stocks.Retirement savers who are interested in real estate should check out Vanguards REIT Index Fund (symbol VNQ) from Vanguard. Columbia Variable Portfolio Small Cap Value FundDreyfus Variable Investment Fund, Appreciation PortfolioThe Dreyfus Socially Responsible Growth Fund, Inc. Enter your Email below to Download Historical Data for Dreyfus Index Funds Inc. - Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index Fund and 120,000 Macroeconomic, Financial Indicators and Market Data covering Stocks, Bonds, Commodities A three-fund portfolio is a portfolio which does not slice and dice, but uses only basic asset classes — usually a domestic stock "total market" index fund, an international stock "total market" index fund and a bond "total market" index fund. Dreyfus International Stock Index.For example, small-cap, mid-cap, sector and emerging funds can experience significant price fluctuation due to business risks and adverse political developments. Dreyfus sm-cap stock index fund - investor CL (nasdaq:dissx). Smart Scan Chart Analysis is showing some near term weakness. However, this market remains in the confines of a longer term Uptrend with tight money management stops. Operations Fund Inception Date Initial Share Class Inception Date Advisor Dreyfus Corp Subadvisor —.Loomis Sayles Small Cap Value Retail LSCRX. American Funds American Balanced R6 RLBGX. Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund. Market Cap: Small Investment Style: Blend.To pursue its goal- the fund generally is fully invested in all of the stocks that comprise the SP SmallCap 600- Index and in futures whose performance is tied to the index. The Fund considers small cap companies to be those with market capitalizations that fall within the range of companies in the Russell 2000 Value Index at the time of purchase.DIM Sicav PV Buyback USA B Cap. USD. 7.8. 546. Dreyfus Select Managers Small Cap Value FundI. To pursue its goal, the fund generally is fully invested in a representative sample of stocks included in the SP SmallCap 600 Index, and in futures whose performance is tied to the index.Initial Share Class Inception Date. Advisor. Dreyfus Corp. 15 For More Information Dreyfus BASIC SP 500 Stock Index Fund A series of The Dreyfus/Laurel Funds, Inc. SEC file number: More information on this fund is available free upon request, including the following: Annual/Semiannual Report Describes the funds performanceDreyfus Small Cap Fund. Louis Dreyfus Company has announced the sale of its metals unit to a Chinese fund that includes one of the countrys biggest copper and cobalt producers as an investor. DISSX Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index Inv Fund DISSX Quote. Net Change / Change. DISSX. Dreyfus Smallcap Stock Index Fund - Investor Class. Mutual Fund. Home > Investment Funds > Fund Options > S Fund: Small Cap Stock Index Investment Fund.The S Fund invests in a stock index fund that tracks the Dow Jones U.S. Completion Total Stock Market Index. Small caps in contrast rsp is 54 large cap 44 mid cap and 2 small cap rsp s mid cap weighting impacts performance during periods when mid cap stocks out for those interested in investing in small cap value stocks i recommend the vanguard small cap. GE SP 500 GuideStone Funds Equity. Hartford Index HLS Homestead Stock. Columbia Mid Cap Dreyfus Midcap. Federated Mid-Cap Mid Cap.Dreyfus Small Cap Stock. Fidelity Spartan Extended. Small Cap Portfolio free of charge by contacting our Annuity Services Department at 1.800.662.1113Dreyfus Stock Index Fund, Inc. Vanguard Variable Insurance Fund Balanced Portfolio. Stock Screener.Comparison .DJI Dow Jones Industrial Average Dow Jones Global Indexes .SPX SP 500 Index Index .IXIC Nasdaq Composite Index NASDAQ IQ100 CNBC IQ 100 Exchange ADD. The SP SmallCap 600 measures the small-cap segment of the U.S. equity market.Get fund performance data on Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index Fund Investor Shares (DISSX) including growth, trailing returns, and quarterly and monthly returns.Short-Intermediate Municipal Bond Fd Dreyfus Small Cap Equity Fund Dreyfus Smallcap Stock Index Fund Dreyfus Strategic Beta Emerging Markets Equity Fund Dreyfus Strategic Beta Global Equity Fund Dreyfus Strategic. The SP SmallCap 600 Index measures the small-cap segment of the U.S. equity market.Dreyfus Stock Index Fund, Inc. — Initial Shares. Investment Strategyfrom investments prospectus. Dreyfus Fund Commercial 1957, Dreyfus Lion Walking in New York City. WARNING!Overbought Stock Market! Stock Indexes Correcting! SML.X SP Smallcap Dow Jones Industrial Average, SP Learn more about mutual funds at fidelity.com.Mutual Funds. Stocks. Fixed Income, Bonds CDs. Transfer of the assets of. Dreyfus small cap equity fund (a series of dreyfus stock funds).The Russell 2500 Index is an index of the 2,500 smallest companies in the Russell 3000 Index. The Fund normally seeks to maintain an average market capitalization for its 2 - 38-10344-00 MutualFundsFILE2-3rdQtr08.qxp Release Date 09-30-2008 Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index DISSXBenchmark Overall Morningstar Rating Morningstar Return Morningstar RiskRussell 2000 TR USD QQQQ Above Average AverageOut of 556 Small Blend funds An investment s overall SMALL American Beacon Small Cap Value - AVFIX TRP US Small Cap Value Equity Trust.

Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index - DISSX. GROWTH American Funds Growth Fund of America - RGAGX JP Morgan Large Cap Growth - JLGMX TRP Blue Chip Growth Trust TRP New America Latest Questions. questionanswerdreyfus small cap stock index fund? ETFs. CEFs. Mutual Funds. Indices. Economic Indicators.Investors generally buy a stock they feel is "undervalued", and sell a stock they feel is "overvalued".Great-West SP SmallCap 600 Index Instl. 10.01. Columbia Small Cap Index Inst. Total World Stock Index Fund Investor Shares (VTWSX). Tax-Managed Small- Cap Fund Admiral Shares (VTMSX).USAA NASDAQ-100 Index Fund (USNQX). Praxis Growth Index Fund Class I (MMDEX). Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index Fund (DISSX). Dreyfus Corporation. FUND CATEGORY: Small Blend. INDEX: Russell 2000 TR USD. NET ASSETSMutual Fund Index. Weighted Geometric Market Cap. (Bil) 1.75 1.89. Price/Earnings Ratio (Forward). The Standard Poors SmallCap 600 Index is a broad-based index and a widely accepted, unmanaged index of overall small-cap stock market performance.NOTFounded in 1947, Dreyfus The fund uses an indexing strategy. It does not attempt stocks in the SP 600 Index. Home Mutual Fund Research Index Dreyfus Opportunistic Small Cap (dscvx) Fund.The DSCVX mutual fund was provided by Dreyfus and this investment vehicle derives the majority of its value from equity holdings ( stocks). To pursue its goal, the Fund normally invests at least 80 of its net assets in common stocks and other equity securities of small cap foreign companies.Investment Trust. Name. Dreyfus Corporation. Address. Blend. Vanguard Institutional Index. Dreyfus Midcap Index Fund.Hotchkis and Wiley Small Cap Value Fund I. Dreyfus Smallcap Stock Index Fund. Managers AMG Essex Small/Micro Fund. Stocks to watch. Teva surges on CEO news, Equifax losses pile up, Tesla jumps. Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index Inv (DISSX). Nasdaq - Nasdaq Delayed Price. Currency in USD. Fund Profile and Description. Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index Fund seeks to match the performance of the Standard Poors SmallCap 600 Index.It may fully invest in all the stocks that comprise the index. Dreyfus Small Cap Stock Index Fund attempts to have a correlation between its FTSE/JSE Small Cap TR ZAR.World Small/Mid Stock. Clear All. Large-cap dividend-paying stocks add a growth component that provides diversity and stability to the fund.The retirement saver gets extra diversity by owning a small piece of another 400 substantial-sized companies. Dreyfus Smallcap Stock Index Fund (DISSX).


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