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20.99 USD. View your pictures or videos from your HDMI Mini-equipped camera or other mobile device up to 3m away from your DVI-D display. CZE. Kabel pro zazen kombinujc HD video pro digitln interface HDMI a DVI Ureno pro DVD pehrvae, A/V receivery, TV sety, video monitory nebo projektory s HDMI a DVI porty Zlacen piny a konektory. This high quality cable by Delock enables you to connect different HDMI ( High Definition Multimedia Interface) devices to DVI (Digital Visual Interface) devices. Specification Connector: High Speed HDMI-A 19 pin male > DVI -D Computer Cables Connectors.HDMI male to DVI male. Connects components with HDMI and DVI interfaces. Gold-plated connectors create precise contact. 1-24 of 156 results for Electronics : Computers Accessories : Computer Accessories Peripherals : Computer Cable Adapters : DVI-HDMI Adapters : "hdmi audio splitter". DVI A DVI signal is electrically compatible with an HDMI video signal no signal conversion needs to take place when an adapter is used, and consequently no loss in video quality occurs As such HDMI is backward compatible with Digital Visual Interface digital video (DVI-D or DVI-I, but not DVI-A) as HDMI, the hottest high-definition digital audio/video standard, is compatible with all digital video connection, DVI. High Performance Connection Between HDMI and DVI Components / Cables Makes Hookup With the HDMI to DVI Audio Adapter, home theater devices and computer systems can easily be connected to any DVI display for the full digital video and audio experience.Then connect the supplied HDMI cable from your source to the input side of the HDMI to DVI Audio Adapter. ctdvi-hdmia DVI to HDMI 3.5mm Audio Cable Male to Male www.

cabletech.ca. ctdvi-hdmia Description: Our Premium, gold plated DVI to HDMI cables are backwards compatible and allows you to connect to both DVI and HDMI devices. Digital Visual Interface (DVI) This adapter connects DVI home theater devices or DVI video graphic cards to HDMI compliant digital monitors.z DVI Audio to HDMI Adapter. z One 5V Power Supply z One 6 ft DVI Cable z Users Manual. Du brauchst nur einen Anschluss benutzen. Nimm also ein HDMI-Kabel. Die anderen Anschlsse kannst du auer acht lassen. dvi hdmi kabel kein ton. dvi hdmi kabel 10 meter. » Cables, connectors adapters » HDMI adapters, switches, splitters » A- HDMI-DVI-3.HDMI (A male) to DVI (female) adapter. DVI connector with practical mounting screws. Gold plated contacts.

Specifications. Digital Video Cables - HDMI, DVI, Other (417). Analog Video Cables - SVGA, SVHS, Other (214). 75 Ohm Coax Cable Assemblies (260).We stock thousands of HDMI cables, DVI cables, VGA cables, DisplayPort cables, RCA cables, 3.5mm cables, EVC cables, as well as active A/V equipment such high quality HDMI to DVI DVI-D 241 pin adapter cables 3D1080p for LCD DVD HDTV XBOX PS3 free shipping High speed hdmi cable. US 4.99 - 28.32 / piece Free Shipping. HDMI VGA DVI CABLE,USB 2.0 3.0 3.1 CABLE,AUDIO AV CABLE,DIsplayport Minidisplayport cable,CAT5E 6E CABLE. Total Revenue: US5 Million - US10 Million. Just wanted to post a video demonstrating that you can, in fact, push audio across a DVI port. Video cards: MSI Twin Frozer II gtx 560ti Cable: DVI TO HDMI Introduction The HDMI to DVI Audio Adapter is a unique device that inputs digital video and digital audio into DVI and a TOSlink output to seamlessly integrate into the modern home theater. This is a high quality HDMI Male to DVI-I Female Adapter. High performance connector between HDMI and DVI components / cables makes hookup easy! Perfect for LCD monitor, HDTV, Projector, DVD and other 1. The HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). 2. The DVI (Digital Visual Interface).The following table shows the relationship of the pins on the HDMI connector with DVI-D, indicating the colors of wire for each connection. Video Converter DVI/Audio to HDMI Video resolutions up to 1080p Bandwidth 225MHz. Combines digital video (DVI) and analog audio into one HDMI signal. HDMI supports standard, enhanced, or high-definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio on a single cable. This video data is then encoded into TMDS for transmission digitally over HDMI.Type A HDMI to DVI-D interface cable. DVI - HDMI ( High Definition Multimedia Interface ) cable allows interconnection between digital display devices, such as DTVs ( Digital Television ), Plasma displays, LCD TVs, and projectors, to Digital source devices, such as Digital Set-Top boxes, DVD/DVD-R players, and AV receivers. Interface your HDMI sources to your computer monitor or display. Key Digitals HDMI to DVI-D Interface Adapter connects any HDMI video source to any DVI-D input device. Bi-Directional HDMI to DVI with Audio Cables, Male-to-Male, Gold plated. Available in different sizes.Our "HDMI to DVI Cables with Audio" allow you to send the DVI signal and the analog stereo audio from your DVI source to your TV that has an HDMI input. The audio can be carried over DVI to HDMI cable depending on the graphics card. For newer GPUs, you just need to set the HDMI audio device in the Windows Sound control panel. DVI-to-HDMI cable - Computer Definition.How would you define DVI-to-HDMI cable? Add your definition here. comments powered by Disqus. Kabel Hdmi Dvi(18 1 Audio 5m. Source Abuse Report. High-bandwidth, uncompressed video and multi-channel digital audio in one cable and Simple installation. This Product is offered and supplied by Kogan Australia Pty Ltd pursuant to the Terms and Conditions. Data Sheet. FEATURES. One input, one output HDMI/DVI high speed signal equalizer/driver.Multiple input displays Advanced television set (HDTV) front panel connectors HDMI/DVI cable extenders. 29.95 USD. This HDMI to DVI with separate Audio Cable is great for connecting HDMI computers and the 3.5mm sound card output at the same time to high definition DVI HDTVs. NOTE: This HDMI to DVI w/Audio cable does not break out the HDMI digital audio for the HDMI signal. AK HDMI-DVI A2,0 - DVI -> HDMI Audioleitung, 2 m. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. SUPRA HDMI is a high performance HDMI cable specially developed for digital audio and video signals. Terminated with HDMI or DVI-D connectors. this cable supports resoloution up to 1080p Full HD. cable: HDMI male (type A) 3.5 mm male (3-pin, stereo) > DVI-D male Single-Link (181 pin) > 3.5 mm male (3-pin, stereo). adaptor cable: 2 RCA male (audio left/right) > 3.5 mm female (3-pin, stereo). 700 x 530 jpeg 30 КБ. www.wentronic.de. DVI/HDMI-Kabel mit Audioleitung | VerbindungskabelCable HDMI DVI 20m - Achat / Vente CBLE AUDIO VIDO Cable HDMI DVI 700 x 700 jpeg 36 КБ.possible to have a hdmi dvi cable which includes the 3 5mm cable as 500 x 333 jpeg 18 КБ. Dvi To Hdmi Cable With Audio Connect Your Pclaptop To Monitor Tv Projector 2m inDVI to HDMI Adapter with Audio - DVI-D and RCA Audio to HDMI | StarTech.com United Kingdom. It also supports connecting DVI source devices, like Laptop/ Desktop to AV receivers, HDTV and Displays with HDMI interface at high definition with an DVI male to male cable (sold separately). HDMI Cables Adapters. Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable.HDMI to DVI Cable. 34.99. www.computercableinc.com. Computer Cables : Video HDMI Cables - HDTV : HDMI to DVI 300 x 300 jpeg 13 КБ.www.hellotrade.com. Hdmi To Dvi-D Cable With Audio from Cables Unlimited 250 x 250 jpeg 5 КБ. www.wentronic.

de. DVI/HDMI-Kabel mit Audioleitung | Verbindungskabel HDMI and DVI Interface, both manage up to 165Mpixels/s HDMI connector mounted on the IO panel side. DVI connector via SIL-20p and cable kit 821524. HD Cable Pro-2 Mini-HDMI to HDMI Lead (3m) PRO-GOLD Range (v1.3 Type C Mini) Our brand new HDMI Mini (also known as mini-HDMI) cables are perfect for connecting your new HD Digital Camera or HD Digital Camcorder with HDMI Mini to your HD Display. Some/many TVs have a HDMI/DVI port that accepts either HDMI or a DVI -through-HDMI-adapter. On such port, the audio comes from the RGB/DVI Audio-in. So It should be possible to use a simple DVI-to-HDMI adapter in addition to a standard audio cable. HDMI - DVI kabel goldplated 2.50 m. General information. HDMI 19P - DVI-D male cable. This cable is made for connecting the two most used digital connectors, be aware that DVI only can transmit video signals and no sound. Of the cables needed is a DVI-D to DFP-20 cable and a DVI-D to HDMI cable, which you will have to chain together. Here we are using the DVI interface as a common ground between DFP and HDMI. At least one of the cables must have a female DVI connector, it does not matter which. The Extron HDMI to DVI adapters offer interconnection between HDMI and DVI cables and devices. They pass through all the HDTV and computer signals of a single link HDMI and DVI, including digital video, digital audio, EDID (DDC), HPD, CEC, and HDCP. DVI - HDMI ( High Definition Multimedia Interface ) cable allows interconnection between digital display devices, such as DTVs ( Digital Television ), Plasma displays, LCD TVs, and projectors, to Digital source devices, such as Digital Set-Top boxes, DVD/DVD-R players, and AV receivers. The High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) standard (developed by Intel), protects digital video and audio signals transmitted over DVI or HDMI connections between two HDCP-enabled devices to eliminate the reproduction of copyrighted material. HDMI to DVI3.5mm cable Supports 1080i, 1080p image resolution to reach game and home theatre requirements.Supports plug and play,hot-plugging, This high-quality HDMI to DVI with audio cable fully supports high resolution image from HDMI device,Blue-ray DVD or HDMI switch I am currently using the hdmi port to my monitor and one of the dvi ports to the second monitor with a DVI to VGA adapter so the only option is for me to use a Dvi to HDMI cable. HDMI ( High Definition Multimedia Interface ) does indeed carry audio and video but DVI ( Digital Visual Interface ) does not. HDMI and DVI produce similarly high quality pictures ( up to a resolution of 1080p I believe ) but like people before me have said


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